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Vital Tactical Solutions (VTS) was built for "FOR THE PEOPLE." Our holistic approach to building a new and different community of firearm owners makes us the premier choice for law abiding citizens who want to have a higher depth of knowledge, safety, and protection with firearms.


Vital Tactical Solutions U (VTS "U") offers a full spectrum firearm education institute with some of the best educational training courses in the country for ALL ages. Come attain your knowledge and practicality with us to gain an unmatched level of understanding and comfortability with firearm ownership, safety, protection, handling, and law. Our one of a kind perspective and approach is proven to effectively break down learning barriers pertaining to all aspects of firearm knowledge. Your training is of the highest standards required by the NRA, the State of Georgia, and most importantly our standard here at VTS.


We at VTS place the utmost attention on the education, purpose, approach, and experience of firearm ownership.  Unlike most firearm purchase experiences, we look to ensure that our clients are the utmost informed, comfortable, and completely satisfied with their choice of purchase from us.  This is done for our community to make absolute sure that the best decision is made to keep you and your family as safe as possible while minimizing the potential for firearm related accidents, which account for over 4% of total unintentional firearm deaths in 2021.

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VTS maintains our commitment to education by providing armed & unarmed security officer certification and recertification courses.  All of our courses provide an educational experience that is above and beyond the standards required by the state of Georgia to ensure security officers trained by us are the utmost prepared with the knowledge and resources needed to properly navigate the ever changing world of security.  We strive to give our certified officers an unmatched level of efficiency and effectiveness, best preparing them to make high stress decisions that are always in the best interest of the entity in which they are protecting. Our VTS training staff are authorized to certify officers in the state of Georgia through the Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.

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