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About Us 

With over 60 plus years of combined experience in various areas including the United States Military, law enforcement, education, information technology, marketing, sales, and insurance, we at Vital Tactical Solutions have attained a vast amount of prized knowledge. The aforementioned experience directly reflects and impacts our mission.  At Vital Tactical Solutions, our expectation  is to continuously offer the pinnacle of exceptional customer service and transparency as we journey with our clients in the pursuit of their goal of attaining , being properly and effectively informed , adequately trained, and fully familiarized and comfortable with the products and services that we offer.  With relationships being the utmost priority and a part of the foundation of our family owned company, we strive to build a high level of communication with each and every individual we encounter. This allows for our clients to actively communicate all inquiries with the confidence that we will always maintain transparency and integrity found in the core values of our company.  This ultimately achieves a level of comfortability with our client base that leads to lasting, meaningful relationships and a higher level of customer loyalty. We strive to offer an experience which resounds widely and leaves a lasting positive impact on the industry in which we do business.

Our Vision


To provide a complete and holistic experience and process in all aspects of training, firearms, ammunition, accessories, and safety.

Mission & Values


Mission: To provide best in class expertise and solutions to our customers by adhering to the following principles: Offering services that extend well beyond our rates, improving and sustaining the growth of every customer through actively engaging training, and providing reliable quality services to a variety of industries through custom-designed strategies and excellent customer service.


Values: Foster communication and growth among our employees, partners, and customers established on the basis of mutual respect, honesty and diligence in developing key working relationships with both our clients and staff. We continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors.

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