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No direct purchases of firearms, ammunition, or accessories can be made from this website!

Anyone wishing to purchase any items MUST complete one of the forms below to procure firearms, ammunition, or accessories. Below you will find information regarding the VTS unique educational approach to sales. Please feel free to click one of the links below if you have any questions about the make, model, and pricing of a firearm, a certain type of ammunition, or firearm accessory.  We also provide transfers if you find a specific item located somewhere else in the country!

To make a purchase with VTS:
To make a transfer with VTS:
FFL Transfers.png

Federal Firearm License (FFL) Transfers

Vital Tactical Solutions offers the service of performing FFL transfers from sales done through unconventional methods such as internet purchases.  If you make a purchase online, we at VTS can ensure that your purchase is properly documented and effectively transferred into your possession.   

Handguns shotguns & Rifles

At VTS, our individualized concierge service allows us to provide an unmatched firearm purchasing experience.  We have access to virtually any type of firearm made.  Our holistic firearm purchasing experience begins with a conversation.  This conversation leads to our clients being well informed, fully comfortable, and the utmost confident in their firearm choice. 


With education being at the foundational core of VTS values, we treat ammunition education just as importantly as we do firearm education.  It is important to us that our clients have the required working knowledge to make an informed decision on their ammunition choice.


With there being so many options when it comes to accessories, we at VTS offer a simplified approach to accessory purchase. The result is an expedited selection process, along with the implementation of a higher level of impact and purpose to the item being chosen.  This gives our clients piece of mind and complete satisfaction in their accessory choice.

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