Firearms Ammunition & Accessories

As a part of our dedicated commitment to our community, in addition to providing security services, and in service to our country, we at Vital Tactical Solutions is proudly partnered with multiple government and private entities to fulfill demands requested by our national based agencies.  We actively work to supply the needs of our country and ensure the safety of our land. 

Federal Firearm License (FFL) Transfers

Vital Tactical Solutions offers the service of performing FFL transfers from sales done through unconventional methods such as internet purchases.  If you make a purchase online, we at Vital Tactical Solutions can ensure that your purchase is properly documented and effectively transferred into your possession.   

No direct purchases of firearms, ammunition, or accessories can be made from this website!

Anyone wishing to purchase any items on display MUST contact Vital Tactical Solutions. Shown below is a sample of our selection of handguns, ammunition, and weapon accessories. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the make, model, and pricing of a firearm, a certain type of ammunition, or handgun accessory.

Handguns shotguns & Rifles

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