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GA Security officer Certification


VTS maintains our commitment to education by providing armed & unarmed security officer certification and recertification courses.  All of our courses provide an educational experience that is above and beyond the standards required by the state of Georgia to ensure security officers trained by us are the utmost prepared with the knowledge and resources needed to properly navigate the ever changing world of security.  We strive to give our certified officers an unmatched level of efficiency and effectiveness, best preparing them to make high stress decisions that are always in the best interest of the entity in which they are protecting. Our VTS training staff are authorized to certify officers in the state of Georgia through the Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies

To register for certification with VTS U:

GA 24 Hour Unarmed Security Basic Training & Certification

This 3 day course implements a rigorous curriculum that teaches the role, ethics, and professionalism of a security officer. The course then covers teaching topics such as; arrests and proper use of force, patrol and observation, report writing, responding to emergencies, customer relations, public relations, interpersonal communications, crimes in progress, legal aspects in the security field, courtroom testimony, private security and law enforcement, fire control and prevention, liability, and other courses mandated and outlined by the State of Georgia. 

Cost:  $265.00

GA 16 Hour Armed Security Certification Course

This course consists of state-mandated curriculum that trains security officers on the proper use and care of their service firearm. The security officer will be introduced to the laws of the State Of Georgia as it pertains to firearms and the use of deadly force. Upon completion of the course, they will be required to pass a written examination, along with the demonstration of their ability to draw, grip, and discharge their firearm with accuracy and proficiency in a firing range to the standards of the State of Georgia.

Cost:  $260.00

GA Security Firearms Re-Certification Course

This re-certification course offers the exact same insight and training as the original armed security officer training security course. Security officers are warranted the opportunity to exhibit their proficiency with the state mandated curriculum, in addition to becoming recertified with their firearm at the range. 

Cost:  $125.00

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