(Safety & Protection Podcast)

Coming soon (November 23rd) VTS will offer the one of a kind VTS “SPPodKast” podcast to all current and prospective firearm owners globally, ages 18 through 95+. This fully malleable and customizable series consists of various learning and discussion topics that are at the utmost forefront of societal interest, political influence, and social dialogue surrounding firearms. We will approach these topics from a holistic and didactic standpoint to address issues that directly impact every citizen of our country regardless of their status both socially and economically.  We are focused on "the people" receiving key information that gives them the educational advantage to ensure the safety and protection of themselves and their family through our warm and welcoming broadcasted environment.  This is done purposefully to positively impact the purpose of the sensitive subject matter that we are all influenced to discuss time and time again.  It is shown that a more comfortable and engaging environment directly positively influences the outcome of discussion topics important to our firearm handling and ownership principles held in high regard at VTS.