Vital Tactical Solutions U (VTS "U") offers a full spectrum educational academy with some of the best educational courses and training in the country. Our full training and course catalogue can be found below on this page.  Come train with us to gain an unmatched level of understanding and comfortability with firearm ownership, safety, protection, handling, and law. Our one of a kind perspective and approach is proven to effectively break down educational barriers pertaining to all aspects of firearm knowledge. Your training is of the highest standards required by the NRA, the State of Georgia, and most importantly our standard at Vital Tactical Solutions.

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Training / Courses

Basic Firearms Familiarization & Safety Course

This training course teaches clients basic identification and nomenclature of firearms types and assemblies. After basic familiarization, the certified and licensed instructor implements a highly qualified curriculum which includes safe handling, adequate and safe loading and unloading, basic safety rules, hands-on demonstration and practice in all dealings with firearms in a safe and encouraging learning environment. This course is approximately 6 hours.

Cost:  $199.99 *ammunition and range fees included*

Women's Firearms Familiarization & Safety Course

This training course is the basic firearms familiarization and safety course; however, the curriculum is catered to a women's only environment which has statistically proven to warrant a more comfortable impact, and less intimidating experience when dealing with firearms and safety. We continuously improve the program to ensure that women are increasingly more comfortable and knowledgeable with firearms. In addition, we partner along with women who are already comfortable and knowledgeable with firearms but just want a more structured and intensive training. These women can attain their goals in a friendly environment without external stress that may hinder the success of the curriculum being implemented. This course is approximately 6 hours.

Cost:  $199.99 *ammunition and range fees included*

Active Shooter Response

Active shooter scenarios are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Typically, the immediate response of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and prevent harm to victims. Because active shooter situations are often over before law enforcement arrives on the scene, (within 10 to 15 minutes) individuals must be prepared, both mentally and physically, to deal with an active shooter situation. VTS U's Active Shooter Response course is a four (4) hour course where we take an educational deep dive into the unfortunate active shooter scenario.  Our elite staff provides a premier curriculum, giving you the necessary knowledge to ensure proper navigation of this high stress potential situation. 

NRA Firearms Certification Course

The curriculum outlined by the NRA and implemented by a highly qualified certified and licensed NRA instructor ensures that you, as a client, will receive a tried and true firearm certified training course. The instructor who implements this training is highly knowledgeable and will offer a perspective of the course that is new and refreshing, while maintaining the rigor and integrity mandated by the NRA.

Cost:  $155.00

NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Workshop

This workshop is a training course that emphasizes the importance of awareness and attention to ones surroundings ensuring that our clients attain a personal safety plan if ever needed. The course implements a curriculum that instructs clients on tips and techniques to be alerted of dangerous scenarios and to avoid becoming a victim. This is an intricate part of Vital Tactical Solutions' commitment to community policing and crime prevention, we have adopted this program to further exemplify our effort in implementing programs that leave a lasting positive impact on the communities in which we serve.

Cost:  $200.00



Safety Plans

At VTS, safety and preventative measures are our top priority.  Advising a client on ways to keep themselves safe and how to properly implement preventative measures to avoid an array of potential threats are much more impactful and wanted services versus having to react to a moment of crisis.  We offer safety plans for both residential and commercial entities which range from simple overview safety plans that give a synopsis on “what if” scenarios, to complete interactive plans that involve VTS staff performing training's and advisement sessions for the client and employees.  Each plan is fully customized to each client’s specific environment and need.  Call now to get your free consultation!his safety / training  seminar is intended and focused toward the utmost safety and protection and protection within the personal home of our client. We customize a curriculum that is conducive to the environment presented within and surrounding the home, while actively training and advising the home owner on optimal best practice in regards to home safety. This all-inclusive training is done within the home of the client, with a highly skilled and qualified team from Vital Tactical Solutions. Multiple levels of this service are offered ranging from general safety advisement, and extending through to complete home protection including a comprehensive plan on how to properly clear the home if a threat is presented given multiple scenarios.

Plans starting at $195.00

Crisis Intervention / Management Plans

Although it is our goal to be able to prevent events from happening, there are times when a moment of crisis may be unavoidable, especially in places of business where the intentions of customers can never be known.  When these moments come about, VTS offers Crisis Intervention / Management Plans which details what should happen in a moment of crisis.  These plans are completely customized for each client, and is most conducive to the client’s environment and capabilities.  Although these plans are usually requested by business entities, there have been some residential clients who simply felt more comfortable having something in place for the “just in case” scenario.  Whatever your need, call now for your free consultation!

Free consultation with plans starting at $199.99

Crisis Response Seminar

In today’s society, civilians are unfortunately becoming involved in crisis scenarios more often than ever.  With this increase in violent and threatening acts, it is imperative that citizens be aware of their environment, and more importantly know how to respond if ever faced with a crisis event.  VTS offers Crisis Response Seminar’s to give civilians a higher level of knowledge, capability, awareness, and essential mental tools on how to accurately react if ever faced with a crisis event.  Not having a general knowledge base and essential mental tools could be the difference between life or death when involved in a crisis event.  We have our seminars in a non-threatening, welcoming environment which allows for our clients to open their minds to the topics that are covered during the seminar.  These seminars have a high level of educational impact, and allows for citizens to become more aware of society, while empowering them to have a higher sense of awareness when navigating everyday situations. 

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