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Vital Tactical Solutions U (VTS "U") offers a full spectrum educational academy with some of the best educational courses and training in the country. Our full training and course catalogue can be found below on this page.  Come train with us to gain an unmatched level of understanding and comfortability with firearm ownership, safety, protection, handling, and law. Our one of a kind perspective and approach is proven to effectively break down educational barriers pertaining to all aspects of firearm knowledge. Your training is of the highest standards required by the NRA, the State of Georgia, and most importantly our standard at Vital Tactical Solutions.

To register with VTS U:

In our continuous commitment to providing the utmost positive experience to our "VTS Community", we at VTS applied a growth and improvement audit to all of our course, training, plan, and certification offerings.  We chose to push forward our organization in this direction to ensure that we are supplying the most up to date, relevant, engaging, and impactful curriculum offered in the Firearm Education industry. Our all new "VTS U" will be available for booking beginning mid January, and we are looking forward to amazing you in your Firearm journey!

All new Courses offerings and trainings coming soon!
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